Aspiration Assessment – The Wild Conscience or Anti-Conscience

On continuing Carl Jung’s exploration in the unidentified region of the human psychic sphere by way of dream examination, I found out the existence of a wild conscience that leads to craziness to the human conscience. Nevertheless, Jung assumed that the unconscious was liable for psychic illnesses, whilst it also labored like a health practitioner that treated them.

I did not accept this contradiction, observing that the human conscience is fully absurd, since it is effective based mostly on only a person totally created psychological purpose and primarily based on the egocentric and childish ego’s needs. Craziness existed in the human conscience, and not in the unconscious that produces dreams and sends us sensible messages to heal our psyche.

I dependable fully the unconscious’ knowledge, comprehension that the identical wise mind that provides desires also prepares the quite a few courses that allow for the best working of all the animal and plant species on our world, as quite a few biologists aside from Konrad Lorenz experienced proved with their study.

This way I faced schizophrenia by obeying the directions I obtained in goals and symptoms I interpreted in my every day fact in the similar way that I interpreted goals. I plainly saw that the wild conscience provokes schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and neurosis in the human conscience and that all these disorders replicate the similar course of action: the invasion of the wild, evil and violent content, which belongs to the wild part of the human conscience, into the human aspect of the human conscience.

Neurosis and hysteria replicate the initially techniques of the wild conscience’s invasion into the human realm. Neurotic and hysteric clients can effortlessly be remedied via desire investigation if they specifically obey the instructions they acquire in their dreams.

The very same isn’t going to happen for psychotic and schizophrenic individuals, who have fully lost their human conscience and are fully dominated by the wild anti-conscience that has destroyed their human side.

What does this destruction suggest? It implies that there is no sensitivity in their psychic sphere: they are dominated by the monster inherent in the wild side of their conscience.

The anti-conscience is a wild animal, a demon developed by the disorganized development of the conscience in its formation. Nevertheless, it is not a fossil, it is alive and active in our psychic sphere, attempting to management our behaviour all the time.

The human being has to dominate this wild facet, just before it has the probability to ruin one’s human conscience. This is why desire assessment is indispensable for anyone from the initially times of their adolescence.

By analysing their goals, anyone will be equipped to produce all their psychological capabilities and struggle the domination of the wild anti-conscience, reworking this violent information into a favourable element of the human conscience.

It are not able to only vanish: it is our other self, our wild sibling that has to be remodeled by way of the exact same approach that reworked our human conscience, so that it acquires human sensitivity.

What offers stability and knowledge to the human being is not one’s rationalism, but sensitivity and comprehension even though going through the human blunders and compassion devoid of disorders and limits.

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