Penis Dry Rubbing – Possible Health Considerations For 90% of All Men

Dry rubbing (guide stroking of non lubricated penis) by oneself or some others might lead to penile overall health troubles these types of as the next not uncommon penile overall health worries as stated below.

a. Energetic rubbing of dry penile pores and skin could be detrimental to penis

1. Dry rubbing of penis pores and skin throughout handbook stroking could trigger microscopic cracks or breaks in pores and skin of penis. These microscopic cracks may perhaps permit bacteria and virus to enter, travel and result in infection

any place in the physique.

2. Rubbing of dry penile pores and skin could hurt penile mobile neurons and decrease penile sensitivity ultimately diminishing sexual pleasure

3. Dry rubbing excessively by handbook stroking may trigger urethral damage and might type urethral scar tissue. This, in transform, can guide to urethral stricture. diminish urinary stream and bring about trouble urinating or might lessen ejaculation quantity.

4. Dry rubbing excessively by manual stroking may possibly lead to penis vein hurt and can lead to penile circulatory problems such as erectile dysfunction or ugly harmed compact veins and capillaries.

5. Dry rubbing by effective manual stroking action could bring about harm to phallic connective tissue that may outcome in Peyronie’s disorder which is indicated by a slight upward curve of penis shaft or bending or shortening of penis shaft.

6. Handbook dry rubbing of the penis might, more than time, make a “callous” outcome to penile pores and skin that microscopically “toughens” penile pores and skin. Callous-like parts of penile pores and skin can diminish penile feeling.

Option: Be light. Explain to your companion, or your self, to use a light touch when stroking the penis or use a lubricant or even a delicate object this kind of as a feather or delicate t-shirt. Use your imagination but remaining light is the crucial to averting opportunity penile health challenges.

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