Obese & Overweight – Try Green Tea For Healthy Weight Loss

Obesity is a major health challenge and it is the mother of all illnesses. Unfortunately, there are reliable figures to suggest that almost two-thirds of the population in this country is overweight or obese. This certainly is a major health concern. Many obese people suffer from potentially life-threatening illnesses like high blood pressure, cardiovascular complications, improper kidney functioning just to name a few.

They also become withdrawn and this in turn could affect their careers, social life and even sexual as well as personal lives. Though there are many options available for fighting obesity, the common question we come across is does green tea helping in healthy weight loss? We are making an effort answer to this question as best as we can.

Can Green Tea Help    

While exercising regularly and being moderate in food habits are important, there is lot of excitement surrounding green tea. There are many who believe that it could be one of the safest, natural and efficient ways of treating obesity and overweight problems. Is it really true? Where does actually the truth lie? There are reports and studies which seem to suggest that there are some special ingredients in green tea which could make obese and overweight people to shed their extra inches of fat. How does it actually happen?

It Is Rich In Antioxidants    

For centuries green tea has been used for its various medicinal and other properties. There are dozens of compounds and ingredients in green tea that are packed with a number of antioxidants which have many health benefits. One such substance is caffeine. One cup of green tea comes with 24-40 mg of caffeine.

Though this is less than a cup of coffee which has 100 to 200 mg of caffeine, it is still good enough to have an effect on obesity. Caffeine is a known stimulant. It has many properties and it also can help in weight loss and also help a person to exercise better. Additionally, it is rich in a number of antioxidants and this certainly is a big positive as far as green tea is concerned.

The Fascinating Substance Called EGCG   

EGCG is a substance in green tea which has generated a lot of excitement amongst health experts. The full form of EGCG is Epigallocatechin gallte. It might sound very confusing but scientists believe that it has the capability of boosting metabolism quite significantly. You can decide whether you wish to take green tea as a beverage or as a supplement. While sipping green tea can be helpful in satisfying your taste buds, taking it as a supplement can be a better option. This is because the supplements come in concentrated form and the best of EGCG extracts can be found in it, in the right quantities.

Mobilizing Fat From Fat Cells     

Accumulation of excess fat around our stomach, thighs, shoulders, arms and other parts of the body is one of the main reasons for obesity. It is important to burn fat and convert them into fat cells. Without this it may not be possible to overcome obesity and overweight problems. The fat cells then must be moved to the bloodstream from where it has to be metabolized. The active compounds in green including EGCG can help a lot in this process.

EGCG has the capability of inhibiting an enzyme which helps to break down the hormone norepinephrine. When there is inhibition of this enzyme the secretion of norepinephrine increases. This enzyme is used by the nervous system to send signals to the fat cells. It asks the fat cells to break the fat accumulated inside them. When the nervous system is able to send more number of signals to the fat cells, it leads to improved breakup of fat cells and they are then metabolized.

Improves Fat Burning During Exercise    

There is one more reason why you could get a positive answer to the question does green tea help you lose weight. If you look at most weight reducing supplements in the market, they certainly will talk about the presence of green tea. This is because green tea is known to contain special properties which help in faster burning of fat during exercise and workouts.

It is not just a statement but has been proved by studies and researchers. In one study, men who used green tea while exercising burnt 17% more fat when compared to those who exercised without using this magic beverage. Further it also could help in more efficient fat burning even when the body is rest.

Improved Metabolic Rates    

Efficient metabolism is the cornerstone for burning excess calories. We need to keep in mind that the human body constantly burns calories. Even when the body is at complete rest or partial rest it needs to carry out many activities all of which require energy. There are many studies to prove that when green tea is consumed regularly, it could help a lot in giving a boost to metabolic activity even when the body is at rest.

The increase could be in the range of 3 to 4% and there are studies which mention that the increase could be even around 8%. However, the effect may not be seen overnight and green tea has to be consumed regularly for results to manifest. Studies have proven that many obese individuals have been able to shave off additional 185 calories per day over a period of three months, when they regularly consumed green tea. Therefore, it has been proven beyond doubt that regular consumption of green tea and improved metabolic functioning has a definite relationship.

It Could Also Reduce Calorie Intake    

Green tea could also reduce appetite and craving for food which in turn could make you eat less. This will certainly reduce daily calorie intake and it will be a boon for those who wish to keep those extra ounces of fat at bay. However, the research on this is still in its initial stages and more studies on human beings are required to get a clearer picture.


The best thing about green tea is that it is safe and natural and free from side effects. Though the impact may not be radical, if you consume green tea extracts regularly, you will certainly see some great results over a period of time. It will help in naturally reducing those extra inches of fat in various parts of the body. However, it has to be complemented by regular exercising and eating the right food.