Mental Health: Herbal Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

In the present corporate and technological era a majority of the world’s population is suffering from two most vital mental health concerns commonly known as anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress are a huge threat to the mental health and stability of a person. Though these two disorders are not similar, but they generally arise simultaneously and badly affect a person mentally, emotionally and socially.

A person suffering from anxiety and stress not only gets disturbed himself but his mental instability has its serious and adverse effects on his family life and his career. Anxiety and stress comes with a number of physical, behavioral and emotional symptoms that gradually make the person weak and instable both internally and externally. As such immediate medication is highly important for an individual who has become a victim of these threats.

Though there are a number of costly chemical drugs that are prescribed by the physicians to treat anxiety and stress, very few of them truly work and give the patients a permanent relief. Most of them exhibits side effects after consumption and the situation gets worst if they are taken for a longer period of time.

But recent surveys and researches have proved that herbal medicines have a great role to play in treating anxiety and depression. Herbal treatments are not only cost-effective but are naturally safe for long time consumption. Due to all these beneficial aspects herbal medicines have gained extreme popularity among both the physicians and the patients. Some of the best herbal treatments for anxiety and stress are mentioned below. Check them out for a better mental health.

Herbal Treatments for Anxiety and Depression

Hypericum perforatum or St John’s wort¬† Hypericum perforatum commonly known as St John’s wort is considered to be one of the best herbs for successfully treating mild to moderate depression. It is loaded with more than one active ingredients that specialize in decreasing anxiety and soothing the temperament of the patient. Two of the most effective ingredients present in this medicinal herb are hypericin and hyperforin.

Researches have shown that these two vital ingredients of this herb neutralize the internal and psychological tension, anxiety and pain of the patient and make him feel better by improving his mental balance. Apart from calming down the nerves, this mild tranquilizer also works on inflammations and gives relief to the sufferer. You can take this anti-depressive herb both in liquid and tablet form. Consuming it as tea or as a tincture are the best means to have it in liquid form. For best and effective result daily doses of this herb is recommended.

Lavandula angustifolia or common lavender

Lavandula angustifolia or common lavender is another highly beneficial herb that is well known for its effectiveness in treating depression and anxiety. It is a very good herbal remedy for patients suffering from mild to moderate depression for a long time. It works wonderfully on mood imbalances like insomnia, restlessness, nervousness and depression and gives the patient a long time relief. The main constituent of lavender is its high percentage of volatile oils having a soothing fragrance.

This volatile oil is extensively used in relieving the mind from depressions and anxieties. Lavender can be used both in its traditional aromatherapy method or can be taken internally in the form of tincture. Researches show that the tinctures of lavender, lavender oil and lavender oil aromatherapy have the capacity of relieving the patients from their chronic depression and anxiety. Though it is proven to be helpful for many patients, the results may vary from person to person.

Ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree

Gingko biloba is an amazing herb is recommended for treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety. It works magically on the brain of the patient and relieves him from all his inherent tensions and depressions. It is mostly known for its wonderful quality of improving blood circulation thus allowing blood to flow and reach the brain of the patient. As a result after taking this herb, the patient gets rejuvenated, motivated with increased productivity and confidence level. The main constituents of this antidepressant herb that has immense role in treating depression and anxiety are ginkgolides ,bilobalides or terpenes and flavonoids. Ginkgo can be taken either as liquid tea and tincture or in capsule form containing powders of the herb inside. Though it is strictly recommended that this herb shouldn’t be consumed more than 6-8 weeks without any break, doses may differ as per individual need.

Piper methysticum or kava

Piper methysticum, commonly known as kava is a wonderful herbal treatment for anxiety and depression. It is considered to be the one of most successful herbal remedies used for reducing anxiety. Surveys and researches have shown that kava is quite successful in relieving anxiety in comparison to other synthetic medications.

This medicinal herb is highly popular among the anxiety and depression patients as demonstrations has acknowledged the magical powers of Kava in reducing sleeplessness, tension and anxiety quite safely. It contains active ingredients like kava-lactones that are mainly responsible for its calming effects on the patient’s mood. Kava directly affects the brain and the central nervous system of the patient and gives him a soothing relief. Daily doses of Kava are recommended to the patients either in the form of tablet or Kava beverages. However, despite of its positive results kava is reported to be harmful for liver functioning by some of its users.

Bottom Line

Well, herbal treatments are considered to be highly successful in treating anxiety and depression among the patients since many years as the herbal remedies are purely constituted of natural medicinal herbs which has the least possibility of having any vital side effects on the users. All the beneficial herbs mentioned above are well-recognized to be extremely useful in curing disorders like anxiety and depression. All of them can be consumed in their natural form without any alteration and the result is highly pleasing and satisfactory. However, the entire success of these herbal treatments depends on the regular consumption of the doses by the patients. If taken regularly in the prescribed form they will surely give out satisfactory results to the users.