Combining a carb-rich diet with simple exercises for Women’s Health

Living a good quality life is firstly associated with being healthy, if your health isn’t in proper condition and you’re getting issues to maintain a good weight then, you’re just inviting more troubles in the near future. Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary for men and women alike and is the direct outcome of eating healthy foods in consistency. However, it’s recommended to avoid overeating as anything in excess hasn’t been proven good.

Just tell someone that you need to eat a lot of carbohydrates to get lean and they’ll say you’ve gone mad. This is the reaction you’ll probably get from everyone who is on a fat loss routine. However, the truth is exactly the opposite of their version as you can easily lose that stubborn with even with a high carb diet. Since many years carbohydrates have been negatively associated with unnecessary weight gain, especially in women’s health, but the myth has been busted with the ongoing trend of high carb fat loss diet plan.

Journal Nutrients published a study in which overweight people were put on a carb-rich diet for around 16 weeks and later it was found that they reduced significant amounts of body fat and weight without getting involved in any exercise routine.

However, before you happily head to your nearest Burger King for a Carb rich treat just know the fact that there are a whole lot of foods that are rich in carbohydrates’ as healthy food options such as vegetables, legumes, and fruits also contain carbs and the study’s subjects consumed these foods during research. So foods with high starch content are a strict no-no for good women’s health.

The research concluded that getting healthy carbohydrates from sources such as vegetables, fruits, bran, and whole grains were the healthiest fuel intake options for the body. The study focused not on over obsessing on carbs, but to select the right ones.

Benefits of Carb rich diet

The benefits of a carb-rich diet are noticeable in certain situations such as:

If you’re likely to get sleep-related issues

If your activity level is high or you’ve got a daily exercise routine.

If you’re insufficient of adrenal

If your stress levels are too high

If you’ve to notice various hypothyroid symptoms such as weight loss resistance

If you’re planning for pregnancy or are struggling with infertility

If your low carb diet isn’t working much since a long time

Healthiest carbs options for weight loss

There are lots of healthy sources with carbohydrates as its main component: including different potato varieties, zucchini, parsnips, yellow squash and various fruits such as bananas, cherries, and berries. People who don’t suffer from any stomach related issue can include freshly prepared organic grains such as rice.

A lot can be added to your grocery bag with options such as sweet potato, quinoa, oats, whole grains, etc. Involving strenuous exercise routine such as sprinting, running, weight training, etc. can be a perfect combination of weight management with the right carb diet.

In addition to this high carb diet, it also isn’t recommended to go completely low on fat as these are also among the energy stores that you utilize in your day to day activities. Make sure supplement your carbohydrates with adequate, monounsaturated fats, proteins and other essential micronutrients like essential vitamins and minerals and you’re just eating right.

Now, that we’re done with the right eating for healthy living it’s time to move on with some essential exercises especially meant for women’s health whose work involves a long day of sitting.

The simple 6 step yoga exercise is beneficial to loosen up and unlock your hips.

Exercises for hip flexing

The hip opening sequence is created by renowned Peloton Yoga teacher Kristin McGee. According to McGee “These poses require a 360-degree approach and serve while strengthening and stretching hips from different angles-aspects, entrance and back again.

Cow Face Pose -Get on the floor with hands and legs and cross proper leg at left, sit again between heels while stacking knees. Stretch your left arm towards the ceiling and bend your left elbow while touching your palm to the higher middle again. Then again bend proper arm behind while attempting to know left-hand fingers. Try this for five to eight breaths.

Pigeon Pose – Now from cow stretch, slide ahead proper leg on the ground while having parallel shin to the mat entrance. Now slide left knee on the ground. Decrease the mat with left thigh going down. Remain upright with hips sq and hips below torso to mat entrance. Hold the movement for five to eight breaths.

Sure Angle Pose – Sit on a mat with to soles side by side with knees bent. Interlace fingers around the toes. While inhaling, you can press knees down towards mat while you sit up tall. Now barely bow for a deep stretch. Hold the position for around 8 to 10 stretches.

Ankle to knee pose – While you’re on a sure angle, cross your proper knee over left ankle while conveying backside leg in proper ankle over your left knee with stacked shins. Carry both palms to ground towards your entrance while you’re barely leaning. Maintain pose until five to eight breaths.

Half reclining Hero’s pose – Collectively kneel on the mat and sit on heels, now elongate proper leg straight out in entrance. Slide left foot barely wider than knees with the large toe facing inwards and the left foot high on the ground while relaxing your butt on the surface. Now place arms on the ground behind and then lean again while bringing forearms and elbows to ground. Now place arms on the ground behind and learn again while bringing forearms and elbows behind you. From here, you need to continue while declining all way in the ground as you’ll be able to go with uneasiness or ache and cross your elbows. Hold for around five to eight breaths.

Lizard Pose – Remain in a downward canine position with arms shoulder-width apart on the surface, hips inverted V position and legs prolonged. Step proper foot of proper hand skin, then decrease elbows to the mat, while holding your proper knee subsequent. Maintain left leg with the left heel in heels angle without letting them sag. Hold the position for around 8 to 10 breaths.

These are common hip flexors in Yoga and are efficient to maintain a good posture while opening up tightened hips and also ideal for maintaining a good metabolism for weight management and flawless skin as well.

Make sure that you’re following aforementioned routines with the right diet while using moisturizers, retinoid, and sunscreens to appear youthful even in your 30s and 40s. Appearing perfect and being in good health is a lovely feeling in itself. These changes only work well when followed with consistency and women who want to look great can go on for these proven routines.