Do Germs Have An Afterlife Following They Die?

According to most religions, immediately after your demise, you enter into the afterlife period of your ‘life’. And seemingly you will be sharing that afterlife with some relatively exclusive enterprise, just your fellow human beings*. There will be no other everyday living types present in Heaven, Hell or Hades, be they companion animals (pets), butterflies or vermin**. But if you halt and imagine about it, which is nonsense. If you have an afterlife, all living factors have an afterlife.

Alright boys and women, operate this little bit of wisdom past your community clergy.

Let us be distinct from the outset, you are not an organism. You are a colony of organisms. You contact these individual colony members or organisms, cells***. Your body’s cells are dwelling issues in their personal suitable.

Now possibilities are, you imagine in an afterlife when you die, an afterlife that’s still inside of the bodily realm of make a difference and electricity. A non-physical afterlife would be hell in truth, considering the fact that you couldn’t see, listen to, touch, style or scent, and all your life time recollections, your identity, your creativeness, all encoded in your neurochemistry, your neurons, your brain cells, would go poof. Therefore: that bodily you, that’s now in a bodily afterlife, is nevertheless a colony of unicellular residing items or organisms. If you head to the afterlife, so do all the individual living cells that created you up, together with sperm cells, eggs cells, blood cells and these all necessary neurons.

The logical upshot of that is that every single and every single single-celled micro-organism, microbe, microbes, and so forth. when it dies, goes to ‘heaven’, or whichever realm(s) you feel residences the afterlife. For absence of a thing extra appropriate to label this spot, let’s just equate afterlife with ‘heaven’.

Therefore, each individual multi-mobile organism, in actuality also a colony of solitary-celled organisms, goes to an afterlife on their demise. Jellyfish, sponges, clams and oysters, snails and slugs, ants, newts, frogs, mackerel and minnows, ravens and robins, pussy cats and dog canine, whales and dolphins, apes and monkeys, even crops go to a ‘life’ right after dying. So presumably, when you mow the lawn, all people before long to be lifeless grass cells will go to ‘heaven’. But at the very least when you get to ‘heaven’ any lawns there won’t need to have mowing – you could not get rid of off anything that was owning an eternal afterlife now could you? So, how cows and goats and horses get nourishment in ‘heaven’ would be a mystery.

Of class maybe you don’t need to have nourishment in the afterlife (so considerably for beer and pizza evenings). That would address a great deal of troubles, like the will need for lions in their afterlife to eliminate lambs in their afterlife, but why then drag all of your digestive systems like blood circulation, liver functions, kidney features, etcetera. alongside for the afterlife experience?

But then you can’t discriminate. Digestive cells are just as deserving of an afterlife as your (needed) brain cells and neurons and nerve cells and sensory organs like eyes and ears. So in your afterlife you carry a whole lot of now worthless baggage together, like your lungs. You no for a longer time have to have to breathe in buy to deliver oxygen to your now immortal cells.

More, any cell that’s component of a multi-cellular organism that expires before the relaxation of the colony of cells goes to ‘heaven’ or what ever (or should really that be where ever?). Just about anything described as alive, when it dies (as all factors will have to even if it really is a bacteria that reproduces asexually era upon era), has an afterlife. Which is the rational upshot of believing that you have an afterlife. It helps make no perception that your mind cells ought to accompany you to a ‘life’ eternal, nonetheless a chimpanzee’s mind cells don’t since a chimpanzee does not.

The evidence of that pudding is that some animal cells, in the variety of organs and tissues, can get transplanted into people. Some overall body areas from pigs I think are suitable for human transplantation, like heart valves. Now when the human who gained that animal transplant dies and goes to ‘heaven’, isn’t it reasonable that the donated animal physique bits go alongside for the afterlife trip?

As a further minimal titbit provided up, contemplate the simple fact that 90% of you is not you at all. There is all individuals trillions of germs and worms and mites and other hangers-on that reside in your mouth and nose and guts and blood stream individuals that are in your hair and on your skin thriving as parasites or even as symbiotic organisms. Most of these critters will die with you and go with you to ‘heaven’.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to go to your afterlife without getting all of your beforehand departed companion animals existing to greet you at the Pearly Gates, now would you? And of training course ditto for all all those pets you now have whose demise will abide by yours. You can want to be reunited with them way too.

On the other hand, if pets ‘survive’ into the afterlife, and ditto microbes, then so will black plague microbes, sharks, scorpions, guy-consuming tigers, icky spiders, cockroaches, rats, cobras, and any and every other nasty you can conjure up. Your personal afterlife might not be so heavenly immediately after all!

Now I retain chatting about ‘heaven’ and not ‘hell’. Why? Because it would be hard to argue that any organic cell can be or is sinful or evil. For that reason, all cells go to ‘heaven’ and by implication you need to go to ‘heaven’ since none of your physique cells should have to go to ‘hell’!

On the other hand, it’s possible there is certainly no such detail as an afterlife, a ‘heaven’ or a ‘hell’ to invest eternity in, for just about anything from humble microbes to the decidedly un-humble human.

The absurdity of it all! Not that the concepts that microbes have an afterlife, somewhat the idea that there even is an afterlife.

*That is fantastic to be with your mates and beloved kinds endlessly. That is undesirable if it is really your ex, your mother-in-regulation, and your old supervisors that would just as shortly fireplace you as look at you.

**That’s good – no pesky flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and rats. Which is bad – no pretty flowers, no superior fishing (capture and release only of system) and no songbirds.

***As a result, when you die (i.e. – declared medically dead), you will not really die in absolute totality in the interval from just one heartbeat/breath to the absence of what would have been your upcoming heartbeat/breath you usually are not wholly useless, considering the fact that not all of those cells that make up you die at the specific same time that health care science claims you have kicked-the-bucket. Of system all those people not pretty nevertheless useless cells will soon adhere to fit, but all up, until you have been at ground zero at Hiroshima or Nagasaki (or equivalent), the snuffing of all of your cells is a drawn out system, not a little something that’s instantaneous.