Eyelasticity is Gentle and Safe

Some people just look tired. They’re not hard to spot. They’ve got wrinkles around their eyes, with dark circles and eye bags to match. Eyes speak of age with the full force of biology. And sometimes that hurts.

Look at the skin-care industry. At $150 Billion spent each year in the United States alone, it’s pretty evident that people want to look young. There are skin-care solutions that work. Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is one of them. But sometimes consumers look to a different source…

Botulinum toxin, or botox, is a protein produced by the bacterium closteridium botulinum. You’re probably familiar with botox as a cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles and produce a youthful appearance. Often associated with celebrities as an alternative to plastic surgery, botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 and is a popular procedure to temporarily “freeze” the facial muscles, which prevents crow’s feet and wrinkles from forming.

BTX-A, or cosmetic botox, is an injection. Costing between $300-$700 per treatment, botox is a toxin that paralyzes nerve endings. By freezing specific muscles, botox blocks the neurotransmitters that tell your muscles to contract, preventing wrinkles. The effects typically last between six to eight months.

But there’s a dark underbelly to botox that may surprise you. While botox is effective as a temporary measure to reduce wrinkles and preserve youthful features, it’s also a neurotoxin that’s extremely toxic. In fact, botox is the most toxic substance known to man. How potent is that? One nanogram of botox per kilogram is enough to cause death. Four kilograms (8.8 U.S. Pounds) of botox is enough to kill the human population of the planet.

Cosmetic botox is a small and diluted version, of course. Side effects include nausea, head aches and bruising. Botox has been linked to deaths in the past, and new research now links botox to muscle weakness, speech disorders and cognitive impairment.

What’s unfortunate is that consumers expose themselves to botox to look young. Especially when you consider there’s a safer, cheaper and proven solution that produces the same results.

Syn-ake is a synthetic peptide that mimics the muscle-freezing activity of the venom found in the Temple Viper snake. The amino acids in Syn-ake block specific sites in the muscle tissue, as does botox, and prohibits the muscle contractions that create wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet.

Syn-ake has developed a reputation in the skin-care industry as the “topical botox”, and with good reason. Clinical studies show that Syn-ake reduces wrinkles in the forehead by up to 52%, making it particularly effective in reducing crow’s feet, while preventing damage to the collagen matrix needed for vibrant, durable skin.

Eyelasticity reduces expression lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Safe, convenient and effective, Eyelasticity is a potent, yet gentle alternative to botox, medically proven to take years off aging eyes. In clinical studies, Eyelasticity reduced under-eye puffiness in 90% of volunteers, improved dark circles by 35% and stimulated collagen production by 1,190%.

Kinda makes you wonder why anyone would stick a deadly toxin in their forehead, doesn’t it?

Vibrant young eyes are within your reach, without the poisons of botox. Try Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy today, and show the world what sexy eyes are all about.

Wanna know how you can really tell someone’s age? Wrinkles speak volumes. So does grey or white hair, or less of it, on many of us. But perhaps the most effective way to gauge how many years someone has spent in this life is to look at their eyes.

Age shows around the eyes, folks. Arguably more than anywhere on the body.

The three evils of eye aging are expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. And when combined, they pack a wallop.

Do you want to look young? Do you miss getting asked for ID when you buy alcohol? Do you miss the flirtatious exchanges with attractive members of the opposite sex? Then pay attention. There’s going to be a quiz after this.

You can reduce the effects of age around the eyes. And you don’t have to do it with Botox either. Want to look younger? Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy.

Yes, we know. There are many anti-aging creams and eye products at the drug store that you can pick up the next time you buy soap. But they don’t do what Eyelasticity does, because they’re rarely formulated with active ingredients that are potent enough to stimulate collagen around the eyes. They don’t reduce signs of aging. And they don’t do this:

  • reduce crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • eliminate dark, under-eye circles
  • reduce puffiness and eye bags
  • stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • make you look younger!

They don’t do these things because they’re not formulated to do so. They don’t have Eyeseryl®, they’re missing Syn®-ake and they certainly don’t have ProCollOne+®. Eyelasticity has these peptides, and they’re among several reasons why Eyelasticity Age- Defying Eye Therapy is the most convenient and least intrusive way to show the world you’ve got beautiful young eyes, regardless of age.

Want proof that Eyelasticity works? Let’s pop the hood, so to speak, on Eyelasticity Age- Defying Eye Therapy and see what makes it the best anti-aging eye cream available for your hard-earned dollar:

Eyeseryl® – A patented tetrapeptide, Eyeseryl® recently won the “Best New Technology” award by Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine. In recent clinical studies, Eyeseryl® reduced under-eye puffiness in 95% of study participants.

Syn®-ake – While claims of “topical Botox” are plentiful, Syn®- ake actually has the goods to back up claims to that lofty title. A synthetic peptide, Syn®-ake blocks specific receptor sites in muscle tissue and prevents the contractions that cause wrinkles and expression lines. Research shows that Syn®-ake inhibits such contractions by up to 82%.

Regu®-age – Another tool in Eyelasticity’s arsenal, Regu®-age was created specifically to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In a clinical study, of 20 participants, Regu®-age reduced dark circles by an average of 35%, and puffiness by 32%.

ProCollONe+®– Get ready for plenty of collagen – a 2% concentration of ProCollONe+® recently stimulated collagen fibroblasts by an astounding 1,190%! And it’s placed in ideal concentrations in Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy to work with the skin under the eyes which, at 0.5 mm, is the thinnest skin of the body and is susceptible to tearing.

Eyelasticity packs a wallop, no doubt. And it’s loaded with patented peptides to stimulate the collagen matrix under the eyes and botanicals like green tea extract and beta glucan to gently nourish the skin in this delicate area. Tightening and thickening, for a younger, beautiful pair of eyes.

Get the picture? You can have young, and yes, sexy, eyes. With Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy you’ll take years off your age!