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Male Extra is considered as one of the best natural supplement for men available by many. This product contains a potent formula that uses several completely natural ingredients. Those ingredients are well-known for improving sexual health and improving sexual performance. Every one of these ingredients works perfectly fine alone, but when combined together; they work even better, which is what the creators of this product were aiming for. They wanted to make a natural, safe and efficient formula using only natural ingredients. And that is exactly what they did!

Is Male Extra Gonna Help You Make The Extra Mile In The Bedroom?

Today We Have The Answer For You!

Being sexually active and powerful is what each and every one of us needs to be happy and healthy, whether in a committed relationship or out in the field. Hence, it’s no wonder that a man will seek all ways to enhance his performance and empower his penis in order to give and feel ample satisfaction with his bed partners!

At this point, there’s no need to say that there are hundreds of different health supplements and boosters out there – products that swear to be able to make you last longer, feel your orgasms more intensely, and add inches to your most valuable tool in the bedroom! However, not all of them can deliver what they promise, but don’t worry!

We are here to tell you everything about whether Male Extra can make or break your performance between the sheets – from its ingredients’ list and formula potency to its cost and value-for-money, we will dissect for you every detail below, so that you can be certain of whether it is the right product for you or not!

What Exactly Is Male Extra Exactly, Folks?

Male Extra is a natural male enhancement supplement in the form of pills. It has been in the market for quite a while, and it was specifically designed to help every man, regardless of their age, to regain their confidence and rekindle the fire in their bedrooms!

How Can Male Extra Help You?

To make a long story short, Male Extra aims at aiding you:

  • Greatly Improving Your Sex Life
  • Increase Your Sexual Pleasure
  • Up Your Stamina Levels
  • Gain Better Control Of Your Ejaculations
  • Boost Your Erections
  • Experience More Intense, Bigger Ejaculations
  • Enhance Your Sexual Performance
  • Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Maybe a bit too good to be true? Well, according to our extensive research, none of the above claims are far from the truth, so let’s dive a bit deeper (pun intended) to see exactly how Male Extra works!

What’s In The Pill?

The key to every male enhancement supplement is its list of ingredients; the proprietary blend of each product defines its efficiency and results. Male Extra’s potent formula is unique; according to their official site, you will not find another blend that features double dosage of key ingredients AND the Pomegranate Ellagic 40% that Male Extra has!

So, what does this one-of-a-kind formula contain? Here are some of its most important ingredients. 

  • Pomegranate – Pomegranate is a type of phenolic acid which helps in increasing the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide, in turn, enhances your blood flow and circulation – to give you a hint, this translates to boosting the blood that flows through your penis, thus extending your erections and feelings of satisfaction during sex!
  • L-Arginine – An amino acid that is also crucial for upping the levels of nitric oxide; see above!
  • Muira Puama – A multi-use herbal extract from the titular plant, Muira Puama has been considered to be an aphrodisiac, libido booster that can help with sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, and other male performance problems – amongst other beneficial traits.
  • L-Methionine – Another super important amino acid, L-Methionine (one of its many names) not only helps in widening the blood vessels but also aids in lowering the levels of histamine; as a result, it can help the fight against premature ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps – Cordyceps is a widely known ingredient that delves with the release of testosterone; it is a fungus that has been used as a libido enhancer for both sexes, a stamina booster, and a potent help for better erections.

That’s Great & All – But How Does Male Extra Work?

The answer is rather simple; this incredibly potent mix of ingredients greatly affects your blood flow and why is blood flow so important? Because it has everything to do with offering you stronger, more powerful, long-lasting erections, improving your stamina, increasing your libido levels, and intensifying your orgasms and overall feel!

The Mother-load; Dosage & Results!

Everything we have discussed above would be a waste of your time (and ours) without knowing whether Male Extra can actually deliver – and if it can, in what time span.

First of all, let us clarify two things that apply for any health supplement and male enhancing product: their results vary according to each person’s physique, body, and health history. And although Male Extra is not known to have any side effects and doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription, you should always consult with your physician before taking it – and that is always our general advice.

Especially in the case of Male Extra, people who take blood circulation related medicine should be a bit more aware so that it doesn’t interact with their prescripted medicine.

Taking the above under consideration, Male Extra seems to be a supplement that actually works and is effective for the majority of men that have used it and is considered to be one of the best, 100% natural health supplements available today.

The suggested dosage is 3 pills per day after each of your meals. Although it doesn’t work in the blink of an eye, it looks like you will be able to experience the first signs of improvement in just a matter of few weeks – however, should you want to evaluate its full potency, three months will do the trick!

The general consensus is that Male Extra is more of a long-term investment: the results are there, the more you take it, the more improvement you will witness. The majority of its users estimate an approximate penis size increase of 0.8 to 2.6 inches – and that’s impressive.

Crunching The Numbers!

Last, but not least, let us examine what’s it gonna cost you to fire up those sheets again!

You can get your Male Extra bottle or bottles from the official site, and they have a few offers for you to choose from:

  • One Bottle: The cost is $64.95. It includes 90 pills, which will cover a full month – and the cost per pill is $0.72.
  • Three Plus One Bottles & FREE Pro-Erection Gel: Cost per pill drops to $0.54.
  • Four Plus Two Bottles & FREE Pro-Erection Gel: Cost per pill ends up being a good $0.46.

Additional good news for your wallet:

  • No Additional Shipping Fee: You won’t be charged with any additional shipping cost – Male Extra site claims that shipping is free regardless of your purchase’s value.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes, that’s right, even better for your dollars’ safety, Male Extra gives you the chance to test their product and return it if you aren’t happy with it. If you ship it back within 60 days of purchase, they will send you a full refund.

Furthermore, Male Extra’s packaging is discreet – no reason for you to worry about whether your mailman knows that you’ve ordered it!

To Sum Up: Should I Get It Or Not?

Vobue Limited, Male Extra’s manufacturer, sited on Cyprus island, is a generally trustworthy supplement manufacturer and supplier. They create their supplements in FDA-approved facilities, and Male-Extra specifically is considered to be one of the safest, most natural products of the sort in the market.

They have designed their formula with extra care and the majority of users’ testimonies agree that it also has visible, tangible, positive effects on their libido, stamina, sexual pleasure and performance. If you also throw in the mix the fact that they offer you a money-back guarantee (which generally means that they, as well, have great faith in their products’ results), we do suggest that you give it a go.

Yes, it may not be as low price-wise as some other similar male enhancement supplements, that is true. However, when it comes to greatly better your sex life by gradually increasing your penis size, while also prolonging your erections and strengthening your ejaculations, it’s difficult to think only of the price tag. What’s more, their plus-plus offers lower the overall pill price quite significantly – and you get an additional little helper for your upcoming wild nights.

All in all, Male Extra has made a name for itself – and it looks like there’s a reason for that!

Get 50% Offer Today

Reviews of the Male Extra

There are many reviews of this product online. You can find and read them, and you will see that the majority is positive comments. I read reviews on the site of a big retailer and the situation was the same!
There are only a couple of negative reviews out there and they are usually about the price of this product which is higher than your average male enhancing supplement. But Male Extra is not your average, it is top notch! And it is the quality and the results that are worth the money!


If you decide to buy Male Extra for yourself, you would be making a wise choice. Among all other natural supplements available, this one will give you the most for your money!

People that have a heart condition sometimes can’t perform well when it comes to sex. Blood pressure conditions and complications with blood sugar can cause premature ejaculation with some people.

This pill can help you even in those situations. But you shouldn’t take it on your own without consulting a doctor if you have any of these conditions. Also if you are on any prescription medicine you should consult with your doctor.

For fully healthy individuals, there is no need for a consultation with your doctor, because like we said before the pills were thoroughly tested and no side effects were found!

The supplement is not expensive. It is quite affordable.

And when your sex life is good a lot of the relationship problems seem to disappear.

So all in all this product can improve the quality of life for many individuals who suffer when it comes to performing sexually. And that is what we all want to improve not just our sex lives but lives overall. There are different reasons why someone has problems performing sexually and some of you might be able to help yourself, but some need a bit of help. That is exactly what this product was designed for. To help.

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